The virtual exhibition “I write, you write, he writes…” was designed and carried out by the Directorate of Museums of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports as part of the Project “Writing traces: the history of writing and Greek language”. The Project recommends three different means of “reading” the history of writing. In addition to this online exhibition, a museum kit, i.e. a small portable educational exhibition, and an educational kit are the means through which it is attempted to shed light on the long and complicated history of communication.

Both the main and the parallel objects of the exhibition are part of a “collection” created specifically for this purpose, consisting of material chosen by the Regional and Special Regional Services of the General Directorate of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The front-end evaluation research was conducted on a sample of 470 pupils and 39 teachers, during the visits made by school groups to the National Archaeological, the Numismatic, as well as the Byzantine and Christian Museum.

 Coordination:  Souzana Choulia-Kapeloni, Head of the Directorate of Museums
Content design - general supervision:   Sofia Aidoni, archaeologist
 Documentation - Content:  Eugenia Oikonomidou, archaeologist
   Sofia Aidoni, archaeologist
 Museological research:
 Sofia Aidoni, archaeologist
   Sapfo Mortaki, archaeologist-museologist
   Eugenia Oikonomidou, archaeologist
Front-end evaluation research:  Sapfo Mortaki, archaeologist-museologist
   Chrysanthi Simandiraki, archaeologist-museologist
 Online exhibition development:  
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